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International advertising campaigns

We have been providing professional, accurate translations for over 21 years. We have specialists in almost any subject, and we take great care to match the appropriate translator to each text. Our marketing experts are all native speakers of the target language and have either a marketing degree or extensive experience in the advertising and marketing sector. They have a special ‘way with words’ and write with a natural, flowing style.

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Our team is happy to be of service when it comes to your international expansion.

Advertising across borders

Globalisation and growing trade between nations has led to an increased need for the translation of advertising campaigns, as companies need to convey their message to consumers of different languages and cultures. This can be more complex than it seems, as companies need to pay particular attention to adapting their communications to local markets, especially in countries in which cultural tradition is still very present. This process is called localisation. To learn more about what we can do for you in this area, read about localisation here.

Specialist marketing translators

The translation of advertising campaigns is a specific skill, one that requires the translator to take account of the local culture, including religion, social and commercial habits, rules of conduct, ethical norms, and restrictions or attitudes caused by the political system - which can be very influential on the consumer’s decision-making process.

Our specialist translators are dedicated to providing accurate translations, which convey the message of the original text while taking the above factors into consideration. Although the translator will do their absolute best to capture the essence of the original advertising campaign, we always suggest to our clients that they engage the services of a marketing expert once the translation is complete, someone who can give the text the magic touch that is needed for a competitive edge. Also, many countries have restrictions imposed on advertisements and regulations which need to be adhered to, of which only professionals in that field will be aware.

Closely tied to the translation of marketing campaigns is the translation of your company website, which is your calling card. Read more about website translations.

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