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Translating an employee handbook

Nowadays, practically all companies have an employee handbook. This handbook contains all the important rules, regulations, and procedures which apply to the company and its employees. For example, a handbook can include the company’s pension plan, information about salary scales, and rules regarding absenteeism and calling in sick, and also employment agreement templates.

Since companies often employ workers of different nationalities, and employers are obliged to inform them of the company’s rules and regulations, many companies choose to have their employee handbook translated. We have many years of experience in translating these. Our translators have gained valuable experience when it comes to texts that focus on the practical issues of personnel policies. Some of our translators have also enjoyed the benefits of a Human Sciences education. The advantage of using such a translator is that we will always be up-to-date on all the latest changes to legislation and associated terminology. More to the point, being familiar with English law and legislation in this specific area is an absolute prerequisite. For example, the translation of terminology about Dutch law regarding reintegration after sick leave, or the revolving door principle and other typical regulations and laws requires a little more than simply looking for the English equivalent. The translator chooses the best translation in close collaboration with you and your project manager. We deliver the translation with comments or remarks, ensuring that you are also aware of the nuances we add to the text as a result of the differences in employment law.

If you provide the text to us in MS Word, we will return the translation to you in the same format.

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