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This page will provide you with more information on Fasttranslator. You have certainly come to the right place if you are new to the translation market or if you are looking for a permanent cooperation.

Fasttranslator can justifiably call itself a translation partner based on the following characteristics:

Solid company from a financial point of view

Fasttranslator is debt-free and has always satisfied its financial obligations. The company has been experiencing strong, organisational and controlled growth of an average of 60 % since 2000, which is being financed by the company's own means. The Fasttranslator client base consists of hundreds of public and private institutions. The company serves customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.


Fasttranslator and its subsidiaries have gained extensive experience with translations from and into all languages of the world. We have expertise at our disposal for any type of text. In particular, we have demonstrable experience with medical, legal, commercial and technical texts.

Fasttranslator’s project managers are experienced, expert and multi-lingual. They are selected based on their ability to think outside the box.

The company attaches a great deal of value to good logistics. Data management and confidentiality are at the top of our list of priorities. We have doubled up on all our systems in order to guarantee continuity. We can quickly divert to other locations in case of emergency situations.

We can satisfy virtually any specific reporting and invoicing request as a result of our internally developed software for project management, financial administration and invoicing.


Fasttranslator combines a high level of quality to competitive pricing. We offer the prospect of cost savings and are convinced that our efficient approach and competitive prices are the basis for a solid and long-term working relationship. We are very much looking forward to this.

Background information on Fasttranslator


Fasttranslator is one of the fastest growing translation service providers in Europe, with offices and customers in various European countries, including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Our Head Office is located in Almere in the Netherlands.

Fasttranslator has developed into an innovative and major player in translation activities in all disciplines and in more than one hundred and twenty languages since 2000.

The strong increase in turnover is based on a significant growth in customers (and transactions) for translation services.

Positioning of activities

Fasttranslator has a broad focus. We provide translations from and into all languages and in all manner of different disciplines. Our customers include private individuals, national and international government services, non-governmental organisations and commercial market parties from virtually any sector. The company upholds a number of basic principles in order to guarantee that every translation is of a very high quality and perfectly match the customer's needs.

Every translation must be completed by a native speaker. This means that translators only translate into the language which is their mother tongue.

All translators have specialised in their own chosen area of expertise. We have adopted the specialisation = quality principle. Quality can be realised only if the translator has many years of experience in a specific set of subjects. Experience counts!

Our translators observe strict confidentiality and are also obliged to do so in accordance with their agreements with us.

Our translators provide translations that are immediately ready for use. They will work with a second proofreader if necessary.

Using these (and other) basic rules ensures that the work supplied satisfies any quality standards and requirements.

Business Model

Fasttranslator is lean and mean. Our services are focused on providing the customer with a service that is as efficient as possible. Providing customers with fast, high-quality translations at competitive prices is the central focus point.

For this purpose, the company uses coordination centres in London and Basingstoke (Hampshire). The project managers at these offices look after translation projects in the countries in which Fasttranslator is active. They represent the only link between the customer and the translators.

The project managers work in teams. Constantly mirroring information ensures that any project can be picked up by another manager without experiencing any delays. Their activities include maintaining contact with the customer and translators, managing the terminology databases, filtering unnecessary email traffic and solving and answering problems and questions. They are responsible for the entire project, from the placement of the order right through to invoicing. They are also native speakers of the countries they work for.

Fasttranslator has an excellent logistical organisation because its activities are usually of a confidential nature and because of the very strict deadlines that need to be met. Security and (the protection of) good information technology is crucial to the company. This is why we have doubled up on all our systems. Data storage takes place in accordance with strict standards. One core aspect is that technology needs to ultimately facilitate matters for the project managers, enabling them to focus on the content of the text, as well as the customer's requirements.

Fasttranslator has a small administrative unit as a result of its own in-house developed project management system, as well as efficient financial software that is designed with the translation industry in mind. This unit is responsible for servicing, safeguarding and monitoring. All core administrative tasks for all the countries in which Fasttranslator is active are facilitated from our London office. Fasttranslator has managed to realise a low cost structure as a direct result of this central approach. This is reflected in the fact that Fasttranslator is experiencing healthy organisational growth without the need for third party financial participation.


Our organisation works for a multitude of customers. These vary from small customers to major customers, and we take the same amount of pride in our work no matter which customer we are working for. The number of permanent customers (three or more assignments) currently stands at 2800. We often translate official documents for private customers, which could include notarial acts, diplomas and suchlike. Translations completed for the business sector and government authorities are very diverse in nature - from Arabic milk power packaging for Campina, speeches for mayors who want to enter into town partnerships in Poland, to NET migration reports for a bank and examination assignments for students.

Each of our customers has a separate fixed team of project managers. They speak the customer's language and know exactly when they need to make that extra little bit of effort. Fixed translators are also assigned to each subject type for every customer. This ensures that all texts are consistent.


Our translators work with the tools and technology that are available to the modern translator. However, it goes beyond the scope of this page to provide detailed information regarding these. Should you be interested in finding out more information, we would be more than happy to provide you with more information on tools like Trados, Transit, Wordfast, DejaVu and SDLX. Our translators and project managers are also familiar with more than fifty different types of file formats, from XML to the common Microsoft Office docx format.

Management Team

You can read more about our management team and important milestones for the company on our American website .)

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