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At Fasttranslator we provide top-quality, yet affordable translations. We work with professional and fully qualified Latvian translators who are all native speakers, many of who have been working for us since our beginnings in 2001. If the translation is from Latvian to English, it will be done by a native English speaker. Our translators work during the evenings and on weekends, so we are able to work to tight deadlines.

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An increasing number of organisations now see the Baltic States as an important import and export partner and are acknowledging their importance in the manufacturing industry. It is of the utmost importance that your translated texts have the right tone, in order to ensure smooth communication can take place between your business partners and your company. We can assist you with your daily communications with Latvia and provide professional translations of your specifications, annual reports, contracts and user manuals. Our agency has top translators in place for all your translations from and into Latvian. We have top translators and interpreters at our disposal in order to ensure we provide you with a professional translation of your text. The more experience a translator boasts, the better the results will be. Our translators’ aim is to translate the content of your text using the right style, while taking special factors like language-specific idiosyncrasies and, of course, your own specific needs, into consideration.

Qualified translators with various specialities

Translations can completely miss the mark if a translator doesn’t have the right educational background, training or sufficient experience. This is why we work exclusively with qualified native speakers and translators who are specialised in different fields. When we have approval to proceed, we carefully select a translator whose expertise relates to the subject of the text. This guarantees a top-quality translation in which all the correct terminology is used.

General information about the Latvian language

Latvian is one of the Eastern group of Baltic languages within the Indo-European language family. The present form of Latvian is younger than Lithuanian, which is related to Latvian. There are many similarities when compared to Latin, Greek and Sanskrit in its traditional folk songs and folkloric poetry. Plenty of words have been borrowed from other languages such as Russian, Swedish and German and recently also English. Latvia’s entry into the European Union and the subsequent translations of all the extensive legal texts have made the shortcomings of the Latvian vocabulary abundantly clear. The language therefore needs new words, which are currently being developed and approved by the government-ruled translation agency.

Latvian or Lettish uses the Roman alphabet. Latvian is a real inflecting language, with noun declensions and no articles. Even foreign names are often declined in Latvian (in nominative cases, male –s or –is and female –a or –e; names which end in –o are not declined). The Latvian language also transcribes names phonetically (for example: Džordžs V. Bušs for George W. Bush, Viljams Šekspīrs for William Shakespeare). The same applies to many Latvian surnames which are of German origin. However, the way these names are written means Germans can hardly recognise them now.

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