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At Fasttranslator, all our translators are professional and highly qualified native speakers. This means that we are not only reasonably priced and fast, but we also provide translations of the highest quality. Each translator also has a subject in which they specialise, and we have several translators in each language who are all experts in different subjects. We can translate absolutely any type of text, whether it be a book, legal contract, magazine article, financial report, user manual, medical report or daily correspondence with your partners in Poland.

Polish for business

An increasing number of companies are now discovering Eastern Europe as an important import and export partner and can see its importance where production is concerned. It is therefore of the utmost importance that communication between your business partners and you/your company goes as smoothly as possible. We support our customers with their daily communication with Poland and provide professional translations of annual reports, specifications, user manuals and contracts, using the very best translators and ensuring a professional result.

Translations can completely miss the mark if translators haven’t had the right education or gained sufficient experience. This is why we work exclusively with experienced and highly qualified professionals, who are native speakers of the language into which they translate. This guarantees a translation of the highest quality. Also, our translators always translate with consideration for any special requirements or language specific peculiarities.

General information regarding the Polish language

The current Polish written language first materialised in the sixteenth century from dialects which were spoken in the Poznań area, to the west of Poland. The Polish language, due to its riches and adaptability, reached high status in the sixteenth century and developed into one of the most prominent languages in Central Europe.

The Polish language includes a large number of loan words from Traditional Czech, Middle High German, Latin and Greek. At a later stage, it was also influenced by Italian, French, High German, English, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Hungarian, Turkish and, although to a lesser extent, Russian and Yiddish. Nowadays, a strong English influence can also be seen.

As is the case with all current languages, Polish has seen its fair share of developments and changes over time, both where grammar and vocabulary are concerned. Many of these changes now represent an essential part of this language, whilst others have barely influenced the language or are already long since forgotten.

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