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Do you need a quote for a technical translation?

If so, you have certainly come to the right place. We will find you the very best freelance technical translator whilst at the same time ensuring that we offer you the lowest possible tariff.

How can the best technical translator work for the lowest tariff?

Answer: Most technical translators will adjust their price for each individual quote. If good translators are busy, the price of your assignment will go up. At any specific point in time, we know exactly which technical translators in our database of more than 1 500 technical specialists have a light workload and can therefore utilise them for a normal tariff.

You may have to call fifteen different translators to find this same information yourself, after which you still could not be 100 % certain whether you had found the right technical translator. After all, anyone who speaks a foreign language can call themselves a ‘translator’. And the technical field is diverse. It ranges from electronics to programming and nautic technology. In selecting our translators we pay particular attention to:

  • price levels
  • experience with technical subjects
  • relevant technical translation courses
  • just one technical field per translator
  • knowledge of Translation Memory Tools
  • native speaker of the target language

The translator needs to have a good affinity with the subject in hand in order to deliver a quality translation, as well as needing to be fluent in both the source and the target language. In addition to this, experience is also a definite must! After all, we would like all of our customers to make use of our technical translation services on a regular basis.

Our technical translators live in the country where the target language is spoken. They all benefit from many years of experience.

As our freelance translators also work at the weekend and during the evenings, a fast turnaround time is always guaranteed. You will not find a faster service. So, why not call our Dublin office now at 01 526 2789


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