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Your company can benefit greatly from online SEA marketing programmes such as Adwords if you would like to start selling products or services abroad. A translated website is a good start, but there are other points of which you should be aware when it comes to your overseas campaigns.

Adwords campaign

In addition to translating your website, it is a great idea to promote your company and products with a marketing programme such as Adwords. We know this because our translation company has also successfully conquered foreign markets in this way.

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Adwords campaigns help to expand your business overseas. Find out how we can help you on your way.

We originally started out as a Dutch translation agency and are now generating more than half of our multi-million euro turnover abroad. A market share was acquired very quickly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, the UK, and France, thanks to professionally translated Adwords campaigns that were specifically geared towards local markets.

Landing page

It is important to remember that a visitor to your website is not yet a customer. Many marketeers will focus their campaigns on so-called clicks to your website; however, a visitor will only cost you money. You want paying customers! This is why you need a so-called ‘landing page’. This is a simple web page which links into the advertisement being shown. Such a page needs to describe most clearly how the customer can buy the product. These pages will look different for each country. For example, you will need somewhat more blatant language in the USA to encourage people to make a purchase, while countries like such as Denmark require a far more subtle approach. We have extensive experience in this area. Our translators live and work in the country in which you want to start doing business and will think along with you. They can translate your product descriptions in such a way that the local public will become convinced that they need your product or service.

Once we have received your website text, landing pages, and advertising material, your project manager will assess them and, shortly after, you will be sent a non-binding quote with the costs involved and a time at which you can expect your completed translations to be returned to you.

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