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Translations of large websites

Translations of large websites, e-Commerce sites and material from CMS content management systems are handled by our technical department that has extensive knowledge of technical translations.

It is important to consider how an e-Commerce site should be exported to us for translation. If not done properly, large product catalogues have to be replaced by hand after the translation has been completed.

The way in which the export is carried out depends on the technology used to build the e-Commerce site. The export is often done in cooperation with the technical personnel who maintain your website or e-Commerce site.

In some cases, the site is outsourced to external service providers. In such instances, an import/export survey needs to be carried out. If the service provider has “established routines” for the handling of translations, we will examine these.

Our translators can also directly log on to your e-Commerce site or content management system and look at how the work will be carried out.

After the survey has been completed, we will have exported and analysed all of the necessary material to provide your company with a plan on how to proceed.

Where there are large websites and product catalogues, it is important to plan the translation project carefully. That way we can keep the material up to date while avoiding retranslation of material. When prepared correctly, it should be possible to calculate the difference between subsequent versions and translate only new or changed texts.

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