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The price of a translation is based on the number of words. Please select the language from which the text is to be translated below. You will then see a summary regarding all standard word prices.

Or send us the text by email and state the required language. We will then prepare a word count for you. Within one hour, one of our Project Managers will send you a no-obligation quote by email.

All mentioned prices are exclusive of VAT.

Source language:

Source language Target language Price EUR Source language Target language Price EUR
English Albanian 0.18 English Latin 0.16
English Arabic 0.20 English Latvian 0.16
English Azeri 0.18 English Lithuanian 0.16
English Bengali 0.16 English Macedonian 0.16
English Bosnian 0.16 English Malay 0.16
English Bulgarian 0.14 English Maltese 0.16
English Chinese 0.20 English Norwegian 0.21
English Croatian 0.16 English Papiamentu 0.25
English Czech 0.16 English Persian 0.18
English Danish 0.19 English Polish 0.16
English Dari 0.18 English Portuguese 0.16
English Dutch 0.16 English Punjabi 0.16
English Estonian 0.16 English Pushto 0.16
English Finnish 0.20 English Romanian 0.16
English French 0.16 English Russian 0.16
English Gaelic 0.16 English Serbian 0.18
English German 0.16 English Singalese 0.18
English Greek 0.18 English Slovak 0.16
English Gujarati 0.16 English Slovene 0.16
English Hebrew 0.16 English Somali 0.20
English Hindi 0.16 English Spanish 0.16
English Hungarian 0.16 English Swedish 0.18
English Indonesian 0.16 English Thai 0.18
English Inuktitut 0.35 English Turkish 0.18
English Italian 0.16 English Ukrainian 0.20
English Japanese 0.20 English Urdu 0.20
English Khmer 0.20 English Vietnamese 0.20
English Korean 0.18 English Yiddish 0.18
English Kurdish 0.18 English Yoruba 0.35


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