Management Team

Fasttranslator was founded in 2000. Our business model is based on high grade technology with an emphasis on excellent customer service. Over more than two decades we have built up an international reputation as a leading supplier of translation services.

Erwin Vroom


Erwin has ultimate responsibility for day-to-day operations, with a special focus on marketing and sales. He is one of the original founders of the business. It was his idea back in 2000 to set up an internet-based, fully professional translation and localisation service.

Peter Vlietstra


Peter is reponsible for the design and implementation of all the technology used to support the primary operational processes, with data security as a particular concern. He directs the team responsible for the running of our project management and client invoicing systems and our workflow software. Peter studied in Great Britain and has a university degree in Computer Science.

Wouter Vroom


Wouter is responsible for the smooth handling of the financial logistics that a business with 4000 translators and clients in dozens of countries brings with it. He has a thorough knowledge of international payment traffic and compliance. Wouter also sits on the Board of Management which implements the firm’s international growth policies.

Fatima Vangen

Senior Manager Operations

Fatima has more than a decade of experience in the translation industry and is now Senior Manager Operations. She is also a member of the Board of Management and takes responsibility for the corporate citizen approach and operations management.

Jeffrey Vreugdenhil

Manager Human Resources

Jeffrey’s career began in defence and the legal field, followed by a move into HR, initially in the temporary employment sector and later with leading organisations in construction and installation technology. Once nominated as a Young Professional, he has achieved significant professional and personal growth with the guidance of various mentors. Now, working closely at strategic level with the Management Team, he has developed into the HR professional that he is today.