A certified French translation agency

Fasttranslator have been active as a French translation agency for more than 15 years. Our specialists in French translation stand ready to assist you around the clock. Native speakers of French are well known to be proud of their language, and their dialects, which means it’s essential for the success of your business to break through the language barrier with a good French translation.

Our ISO 9100 and ISO 17100 certification means that your French translation is in good hands with Fasttranslator, our translators and project managers. ISO certification sets down specific conditions for the manner in which we handle your translation project.

At Fasttranslator we place the highest value on confidentiality. Our project managers’ aim is for you to be totally satisfied with the completed translation, no matter how large or how small your project may be.

About the French language

French is the mother tongue of around 130 million people. It is spoken not only in France and other European countries but also in French-speaking areas of Canada and a number of African countries. French is an Indo-European language derived from Latin, but also strongly influenced by Celtic and German. During the Renaissance French was the language of science, so that it had a major influence on numerous other languages, including English and Dutch. It continues to be spoken in many countries, and you will come across it in business, on holiday or in marketing campaigns. Fasttranslator can assist with the translation of all your documents into French.

Top quality translations

Quality is crucial for us, and there are a number of matters we need to take into account if we are to deliver a good translation. One of our account managers will spring into action when your translation request is received. Their first task is to identify a translator working in the relevant language combination, in this case a native speaker of French. The translator must also have an outstanding command of the document’s source language. Next the project manager will select a French translator on the basis of his or her specialisms. So for example we can call on the services of expert technical or legal translators, but also translators with much expertise in the field of culture. Our care in taking these factors into account is what ensures the quality of your finished translation.

A French translation agency with expert translators in all sectors

Correctly translating your text into French is less simple than it might seem. Rather than a literal, word for word translation, experience has taught us that it is better to regard the job as editing the text. The layout as you wish to present it, perhaps to a technical client, will of course be preserved. Our project managers don’t just casually assign a job to a translator. They take care to ensure that the translator’s expertise and experience match your target group. Whether it’s a simple translation, the legally correct rendering of General Terms and Conditions or the transformation of a commercial message into a French end product, our translators will always ensure the high quality of the end product.
We work exclusively with translators with the required expertise and proven experience in their professional field.

Any questions?

We understand you may have questions or comments after reading this page. Or perhaps you need a price quotation today? We welcome hearing from you. For pressing questions and urgent translations you can call us on our number in Dublin: 01 526 2789 And with less urgent matters you can email us at any time. If you need to know what a translation by our French translation agency will cost you can request a quotation by completing our quotation request form.

Frequently requested language combinations

Our translators produce top quality translations in the following language combinations:

  • English – French
  • French – English
  • German – French
  • French – German
  • Dutch – French
  • French  – Dutch

And of course we have translators working working into and out of French for less familiar languages. No matter how large or small the language area you are trying to reach, Fasttranslator will always be able to help.


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