Our strengths

  • Our translation agency is certified to ISO 9001 and 17100;
  • We also have offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland;
  • Quotations can be provided in English and German;
  • Speedy delivery.

The price of a German translation

We work with a structured tariff system. Economies of scale and good connections with our German translators mean we are able to offer low prices per word, even for the smallest translation!

Certain documents such as General Terms and Conditions can be translated into German quickly and a particularly low price because we have previously translated dozens of similar documents and can reuse text, if it is a 100% match with your document. Translating German is one of our specialisms, and you can also profit from this. Like to know immediately where you stand? Simply complete our quotations module and you will find out at once.

Speed and expertise

We work exclusively with experienced professional translators who are native speakers of German. We identify the ideal translator for each text we translate: someone with the expertise to provide you with the best possible end product.

Whether your text is technical, commercial, medical or legal, your translation is in good hands with us. If you choose to work with Fasttranslator/Schnellübersetzer you will have your translation back in your hands in the shortest possible time frame. We will select the ideal translator so that your translation is immediately usable on the German-speaking market. So you can be confident of a German translation of the highest quality, in the appropriate style and taking account of trade jargon. Just what you would expect from a certificated German translation agency.

Why translate into German?

German is a language spoken in many parts of the world, and it is also the most commonly spoken language in the European Union. It is of course the official language of Germany, but also of Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Did you know however that it is also an official mother tongue in parts of Italy and Belgium?
Perhaps you learned some German at school and have some command of the language. There are however so many varieties and dialects in the German-speaking parts of the world that it is always sensible to have official and commercial documents translated from the source language (which may be English, Spanish, French or any other language) into the appropriate dialect and with the right tone for your target group.
Then you can be certain that your message will be interpreted as you intended. Our German translators have specialisms of all kinds, so you can be assured that when we translate your text into German, the translator knows your professional field and is able to adopt the appropriate style and tone.
Just using the right tone and the right word sequences can make a huge difference to the translated document. As your German translation agency we therefore take the greatest care to ensure that your document is delivered in correct German.

German translations in different areas of work

For German translations at an academic level, or where a legal expert is required, we can draw on an enormous pool of translators whose various expertises cover so many professional fields that we are confident that we can offer translations in every field of work.

We have translated many documents in the following fields:

Interpretation services

As well as great expertise with textual translations in German we also have a wealth of experience with the direct translation of speech to speech. By which we refer of course to an interpreter, someone who can translate a conversation for you in real time. Our interpreters are of course native speakers and will be able to assist you via the telephone or in a video conference. Where required they can attend your event or meeting, to ensure that your message comes across well to a live audience. When you call us our project managers will have a focused discussion of the assignment with you, to allow them to select the right type of interpretation for the job, whether it is consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation or perhaps sign language. You can see that the German language holds no secrets for us.

Our strengths:

  • Our translation agency is ISO 9001 and 17100 certified;
  • Speedy delivery.

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