The Italian language

A frequent misconception is that Italian is a standard language spoken by all Italians. But like many other languages, Italian consists of a number of different dialects. The Tuscan dialect is regarded as the “official” Italian. It was adopted as a standard language because of problems between different parts of the country: people were quite simply unable to understand one another.
A translation into standard Italian may well be adequate for your business, but if you want to add a personal touch it may be an idea to have your document translated into the dialect of your target region.

Italian translators

As a long-standing Italian translation agency we have a large number of regional translators on our books, allowing us to ensure that your Italian translator can speak and write in the dialect of the relevant region. Your message will be more accessible and more quickly absorbed by your target group.

Making contact with Italy

As with any country it can be difficult to make contact if you don’t speak the language, whether it’s Chinese, Swedish or Italian. Your website may be highly relevant to an Italian audience, but your message is unlikely to get across if you provide information only in English. There are many Italians who don’t understand English, so if penetrating the Italian market is your aim, translating your product information into Italian is not just an option, it’s a must.

A certified translation agency providing optimal service

Our ISO 9100 and ISO 17100 certification demonstrates our ability to deliver optimal service and top quality translations. So you can be confident that your translation is in the best possible hands, and that you will receive an accurate, fully checked translation in the shortest possible time frame.

Commercial sworn translations

We offer a comprehensive service covering the sworn translation of documents. Our clients can of course request a sworn translation via our quotations module. Do you still have questions about sworn translations, or translations in general? Have a look at our FAQ page. If the answer isn’t there, please use our contact form to get in touch. Our General Terms and Conditions apply to all our translations.

Privacy issues and the translation of sensitive information

Privacy and sensitive information are important in all areas of work. It should go without saying that Fasttranslator will respect the confidential nature of sensitive documentation. All our translators are subject to confidentiality agreements, providing assurance for us as well as you. So whether the translation is into Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Chinese or any other language, we will ensure that its confidentiality is maintained.

Frequently requested language combinations

We are frequently asked to provide our top quality translations in the following language combinations.

Our translators work daily with the following languages:

  • English – Italian
  • Italian – English
  • Dutch – Italian
  • Italian – Dutch
  • Spanish – Italian
  • Italian – Spanish
  • Polish – Italian
  • Italian – Polish
  • Italian – French
  • French – Italian
  • Italian – Romanian
  • Romanian – Italian

Other Languages